Rented To A Billionaire Alpha


Rented To A Billionaire Alpha

Length: 34hrs 14mins 192 episodesCompleted
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"I Ralph Manchester, hereby accept you Ulva Scott to be my fake mate" Ralph said to me in the presence of my step mother. She was the one who rented me to the billionaire Alpha just for money. There was no way I could reject this offer. I was frustrated after she dropped my luggage and walked out of the huge mansion with some huge amount of money. The rumors about him, I started to wonder if it was true. How do I put up with him in the same house? He glared at me and walked away, not even inviting me in.. "It has all started!" I mumbled under my breath.


  • Fantasy
  • billionaire
  • alpha
  • manipulative
  • drama
  • comedy
  • female lead
  • pack
  • magical world
  • enimies to lovers
  • virgin


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