What You Don't See


What You Don't See

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Playful. Compelling. Deeply layered. What You Don’t See raises the stakes in friendship against the bittersweet backdrop of motherhood and the endlessly entertaining activities of well-heeled women’s groups. The story follows Livi, a spirited, outspoken PR executive, pivoting at thirty to full-time wife and mom. That goes better than imagined, until she gets entangled in a relationship with another mom.What You Don’t See—set in an affluent Southern California neighborhood and a local hangout bar on the Mississippi Gulf Coast—is anything but ordinary. There’s a talking, know-it-all cat; a large, menacing cockroach; and a host of colorful characters, stirring it up as Livi wrestles with timeless questions of truth, friendship, and free will.Author Bio:Livi Hallahan believes anything and everything should be out in the open for discussion, and in that, she's a tireless advocate of speaking up. Truth and tact.In her debut novel, "What You Don't See," she takes on a typically hushed subject matter and creates an entire world of argumentation around it, presenting multiple views that conflict and struggle with the norm. It's a book club must read.Livi grew up on the Mississippi Gulf Coast but spent most of her adult life in Los Angeles and Pasadena, pivoting from PR and marketing exec to full-time mom to college lecturer in philosophy. Currently, she lives in San Diego. “What You Don’t See” is her debut novel.]]>


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