Touch Sensitive


Touch Sensitive

Length: 10hrs 18mins 63 episodesCompleted
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John Ballard is a PI with a condition. One in a million born with a sensitivity. He absorbs the memories of whatever or whoever he touches.The cops call him in to help on a case, a gruesome and inexplicably artistic murder that only someone with his gift can solve. But absorbing the memories of the mutilated body is going to send John's life spiralling out of control, force him to cross every line, betray everyone who trusts him.He doesn't just want to find the killer - he needs to find her - because the one thing that's clear about the woman behind the crime, is that she's a sensitive too...And the more he learns about this mysterious woman that shares his gift, the more he's convinced he's in love with her, and will do whatever it takes to keep the police off her scent.Touch Sensitive is a genre-bending thriller, combining noir and scifi with romantic suspense, channelling Iain Banks and Margaret Atwood by way of Dashiell Hammett and Philip K. Dick.]]>


  • Fantasy


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