Under His Spell: A Single Dad and a Virgin Romance


Under His Spell: A Single Dad and a Virgin Romance

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So he flopped back into the leather chair in front of Owen’s desk. “Tell me,” he said with a heavy sigh.“All right. You’ve been Sophie’s sole caregiver her entire life—that’s definitely a point in your favor. But how you’ve been caring for her is what has come under fire.”Anger simmered in his veins, but he closed his eyes and breathed deep in an effort to stop it from heating up to an all-out boil. When Addison had showed up at his door two weeks ago, he never dreamed she would take it this far.“The woman hasn’t shown an iota of interest in Sophie since dropping her off and driving away four years ago. She was two weeks old when Addison abandoned her! And yet she can waltz back into town and accuse me of being a bad father?” This was insane.“It isn’t right, but yes, she can. And she’s got a..."]]>


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