Nanny to Mommy: A Single Dad and a Virgin Romance


Nanny to Mommy: A Single Dad and a Virgin Romance

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I glanced up from my book at my roommate Emma, who was holding a newspaper. “What is it?” She scanned the paper. “This daycare wants pre-k a teacher for their 2-year-old class. This has your name all over it.” I wrinkled my nose. “Um no thanks.” “I thought that you wanted to work in childcare.” “Nooooo, I want to work with children.” Emma frowned. “Okay. Isn’t teaching the same thing?” “Nope.” I looked over at her. “I don’t want to have a whole group of ankle biters. I want a nanny job. Preferably, a live in nanny position. That would be better.” Emma spread her arms. “How cool would that be to have your own little class? They would be so cute. And-” “Then you do it,” I said, shaking my head. “I don’t have those types of aspirations.” “Then what is it that you want?” I sighed. “Chelsea got a job as a nanny. Remember? She got to travel with the family on vacations. Had her own room and access to their kitchen and pool. And she got paid well. Very well.” “Yeah but the parents were both like famous surgeons or something.” “True. But that’s what I want.” Emma tossed the paper in our recycling bin. “You know gigs like that come once in a lifetime. She got lucky.” I snorted. “I’ll just be honest. I want to make a lot of money without expending a lot of energy.” “That’s everybody’s dream,” Emma said, opening her book. “But some of us have to study. We’re not all born with good looks and daddy’s credit card.” I shook my head, not the least bit offended by her words. I knew I was one of the...]]>


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