Anal Office Fuck Sluts


Anal Office Fuck Sluts

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- First Time Anal With My Boss- I Caught The Secretary Peeing- A Strapon For My Co-Worker And The Trainee- My Mature Fuck SlutAfter I had finished school, I began training as a paralegal, which, aside from going to law school, required practical work at a lawyer's office. The law firm I worked with was a mid-sized company with just a handful of lawyers, all of which pretty much ran their own office.A few years back, I was working at a mid-sized lawyer's office. I was employed as a paralegal, but was doing mainly administrative stuff, and as it is in small and medium law firms, I would sometimes pull crazy hours just because some kind of deadline was approaching and I had to get stuff done, and nobody else to do it.In those long, lonely work nights at the office, sometimes girl's gotta do what girl's gotta do. And that includes a good amount of intimate interaction, slutty spankery, wet watersports, relieving release and dark domination. In the end, all of it leads to a much better work atmosphere, so who can complain?]]>


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