Kisah Hikayat Laba-Laba Gua Tsur Yang Mencintai & Melindungi Nabi Muhammad SAW


Kisah Hikayat Laba-Laba Gua Tsur Yang Mencintai & Melindungi Nabi Muhammad SAW

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jaring aku sangat tipis dan ringan dan angin sepoi-sepoi pun bisa meniupnya. Namun, terlepas dari kelemahan jaring aku, aku berhasil menangkal pedang besi atheis yang pergi mengejar Nabi, dan terlebih lagi, aku bisa mengalahkan mereka! Hasil konflik antara sutra lemah laba-laba dan besi pedang adalah kekalahan besi. Rumahku dianggap sebagai perumpamaan kelemahan, "Sesungguhnya, rumah paling rapuh (terlemah) adalah rumah si laba-laba." Aku duduk di rumah aku untuk melindungi rumah agung agama Islam dan menjaga Nabi Allah, Muhammad ibn 'Abdullah (saw).Bukan itu saja yang terjadi padaku. Sesuatu yang lebih indah terjadi; Aku melihat Nabi. Aku tahu bahwa setelah kematian Nabi, jutaan orang akan mengunjungi makamnya untuk menangis dan berdoa.I am a spider who is higher in rank than other spiders. With all humility, if all the spiders in this world were put in one hand and I was put in the other I would outweigh them in superiority. I am not one to make false claims and show-off, I am simply stating facts. I do not think that I need to introduce myself to the reader, for I am sure you understand that I am the spider of the cave that the Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) hid in. I am the one, who was responsible for the Prophet's deliverance. I am the one, who Allah sent to protect him.My web is very flimsy and light and the slightest breeze can blow it away. However, despite the weakness of my web, I managed to ward off the iron swords of the atheists that went out in pursuit of the Prophet, and moreover, I was able to defeat them! The outcome of the conflict between the spiders' weak silk and the iron of the swords was the defeat of iron. My house is considered a parable of weakness, "Verily, the frailest (weakest) of houses is the spider's house." I sat in my house protecting the noble house of Islam and guarding the Prophet of Allah, Muhammad ibn ' Abdullah (peace be upon him). That was not all that happened to me. Something even more wonderful happened; I saw the Prophet. I know that after the Prophet's death, millions will visit his grave to cry and pray. ]]>


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