Forbidden Seduction (Complete)


Forbidden Seduction (Complete)

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Callen Gomez, my brothers best friend, the only man in the world who can make me both hate and want him. We always had a complicated relationship, have done since I can remember. We clashed like nothing else. I have never wanted to slap someone so much in my life. But, he was also the sexiest man I have ever laid my eyes on, and I may or may not have hooked up with him once or twice, maybe a little more than that. Oh, if my brother knew he would kill him. What can I say, I was young and dumb back then. I am not the same girl anymore. I am a grown-assed woman now, with more sense, well so I thought. Plus, I was over that considering I haven't seen him in four years, not even spoken to him, but that was all about to change. When I move from Scotland to London to stay with my brother for a new job I was expecting only my brother as a roommate, I soon find out that isn't the case because Callen apparently stays there too, something my brother forget to tell me. I was not eighteen any more, though. I have self-control. I can refuse him, well, that is what I will keep telling myself anyway. But old habits and all sometimes don't ever go away.


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