The Forgotten Child


The Forgotten Child

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“You truly think I would grant her mercy by killing her after what she has done to me,” I said but could tell he was not convinced, “She will live, I spelled her to heal faster than her wolf. So, you see your play toy will be okay.” I walked out of the house, and he ran after me. With my back still turned to him I put my hand up as if I were signaling him to stop, but I had spelled him to not move. “You know I would have died too. If I were normal, I would have died the moment you both had marked each other. Did you think about that? You had no proof I was dead, yet you marked her and even allowed her to mark you.” I turned around to face him, the burning sensation I had felt was returning but I had felt it coursing through my chest. “You may have saved me from my pack, but I will never love you for what you have decided to do, and more so who you have decided to do it with.” I let him go and left with a whisper of a goodbye. Marine never felt a single emotion in her life until Callan, the prince, came into her life one day. Since she had never been connected with her wolf she had only found out he was her mate a little too late for a happy ending. Callan, a prince, a boy who only wanted to do the best for his people and in return find his mate one day. But he surely made a big mistake wandering into the wrong pack only to find his mate half dead.


  • Fantasy
  • dark
  • family
  • kickass heroine
  • confident
  • tragedy
  • twisted
  • bxg
  • mystery
  • abuse
  • secrets


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