The Perfect Secretary for the Stoic Billionaire


The Perfect Secretary for the Stoic Billionaire

Length: 10hrs 07mins 61 episodesCompleted
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There is only one qualification for a secretary that K sought after: PERFECTION. K himself is a perfectionist who want things done right, no in-between or the worst, it should fall in an outcome that will impress everyone. Because of this, he struggles getting along with his past secretaries who are not just intimidated with his high standard but also couldn't keep up with his aloof personality and workaholic pace. Until Hyde, the sunshine boy came into picture. Hyde is exactly what K has in mind; the PERFECT SECRETARY.  However, secretary Hyde has one flaw, he turns quite the clumsy type when he's drunk. One time under the spell of alcohol, he kissed the boss, the second time around led to something more and for the third time Hyde got drunk, K finds himself on the same bed with his secretary but the worst part is that.. Hyde doesn't remember anything once he's sober and it drives K insane. "Open your eyes, my little secretary~" K muttered as he caresses Hyde's flushed ears, sending shiver to the latter and making him whimper under his touch. Hyde wanted to protest, to punch his boss in the face, "L-let me go" but his body betrayed him turning weak, his throat let out an unfamiliar sound, he did wonder if it was even his own voice that made out a low moan.. Hyde want to escape but he was tamed. And soon the sound was muffled when K came in for a kiss. The Stoic Billionaire is not letting Hyde slip away, he was the most suitable candidate at the office and of course, with something else.


  • LGBT+
  • billionaire
  • possessive
  • opposites attract
  • aloof
  • CEO
  • sweet
  • bxb
  • lighthearted
  • offifice/work place
  • turning gay


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