Saving the Cowboy Billionaire(Bluegrass Ranch Book 7)


Saving the Cowboy Billionaire(Bluegrass Ranch Book 7)

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She'll do anything to prove to her friends that she's over her ex...even date the cowboy she once went with in high school. Ryanne Moon owns and operates an online boutique that's taken off in the past year. Andy and Ryan has done so well that Ry finally has enough to open a permanent storefront and retail space, so she's not sure why she feels like she has to work so hard to convince her friends that she's doing just fine. Just because her sister, who ran the clothing company with her, passed away five years ago doesn't mean she's going to break down at any moment. But with her fifteen-year class reunion approaching, she needs a boyfriend to show everyone she's done more than design a few hats and belts in the past decade and a half. When she runs into Conrad Chappell and asks if he's going to their class reunion, a plan forms. It doesn't hurt that she and Conrad had a little summer fling sixteen years ago...or that he's one of the wealthiest and best-looking men in all of Kentucky's horse country. Can Ry and Conrad handle their second chance at a relationship when it starts out fake?


  • billionaire
  • second chance
  • cowboy
  • secrets
  • Romance


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