Acquiring the Cowboy Billionaire: Bluegrass Ranch, Book 6


Acquiring the Cowboy Billionaire: Bluegrass Ranch, Book 6

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She'll do anything to keep her father's stud farm in the family...even marry the maddening cowboy billionaire she's never gotten along with. Lisa Harvey has worked at her family's stud farm for 30 years. When her father unexpectedly passes away, the vipers come out in the family. As they try to divide everything up and leave her with nothing, her only chance to keep the farm—and her father's fortune—is to get married. Duke Chappell has always annoyed her, because the man doesn't understand the meaning of the words, "Our schedule is full." He's in charge of all the breeding at the prestigious Chappell Horse Farm, and Lisa doesn't mind the high fees she can charge him. She does mind the relentless way he calls and calls...and calls. But right when she needs him, he's there. And he's willing to say the words she needs to save her farm..."I do." Can Lisa and Duke navigate their new relationship, especially when the sparks start to fly?


  • billionaire
  • love after marriage
  • cowboy
  • Romance


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