Promoting the Cowboy Billionaire(Bluegrass Ranch Book 5)


Promoting the Cowboy Billionaire(Bluegrass Ranch Book 5)

Length: 07hrs 23mins 30 episodesCompleted
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She'll do anything to keep her job...even date her cowboy client. Mariah Barker works for a prestigious marketing firm, but her boss gives the best clients to those who come to his private parties and shindigs. And the only people who get invited to those have significant others. Mariah has been attending those events with Lawrence Chappell, but he's tired of being her pretend boyfriend when his feelings are real. When he breaks up with Mariah, she'll have to decide if she's fallen for the cowboy billionaire too, or if he's going to stay solidly in the client category... Can Mariah and Lawrence take their relationship out of the shadows? Or will the consequences be too great if they do?


  • billionaire
  • cowboy
  • Romance


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