His Warrior Luna


His Warrior Luna

Length: 05hrs 47mins 34 episodesCompleted
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(Book 1 in the White Wolf series) Soon to be turning 23 years old and still not found her Mate Elsie is ready to serve her Fathers pack as a warrior until her dying day. You see, most werewolves find their Mates within a year of turning 18, but even after all the Mating balls (4 almost 5 so far) that Elsie has attended she is starting to feel her chance has passed. The mating balls include all unmated werewolves in her pack and surrounding territory’s. How can she find her mate now after all this time? She used to dream of being a sassy but caring mate, now she can only dream of defending her pack. Will this next ball be different, What secrets will unfold? Maybe the Goddess has a plan after all!


  • dark
  • sex
  • dominant
  • kickass heroine
  • drama
  • werewolves
  • supernatural
  • passionate
  • seductive
  • wild
  • Romance


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