Check Her Out (His Curvy Librarian Book 2)


Check Her Out (His Curvy Librarian Book 2)

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Books saved my life after losing my parents as a teenager.Now as a librarian, sharing books with teens to get them through hard times is a privilege and joy.So imagine my surprise when I meet Prescott, a man who values the same things as me. He runs the teen outreach center and is giving his life to make the world a better a place.It’s like we’re a match made in heaven.After a whirlwind night where love is at the tip of both our tongues, I learn that maybe we aren’t the same after all…I wanted him to check me out on a long-term loan, but maybe it’s too good to be true. Maybe we better shelve this romance before both our hearts get broken.His Curvy Librarian is a new filthy-sweet series brought to you by Frankie Love and Kaylin Evans. It’s full of heat, heart, and literary innuendo.What’s sexier than a man who loves to read? How about a naked man who loves to read?


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