Bad Boy Erotica: Enticing the Bad Boy


Bad Boy Erotica: Enticing the Bad Boy

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Turning away from the mirror, she took a deep breath and grabbed the Prada clutch off the bed. She’d anticipated this moment for weeks. This was it. Glancing around the luxurious hotel suite on her way to the door, she tried not to think about just how much money she was spending on the damn suite. It was beautiful, of course, all fourteen-hundred and thirty-two square feet of rich solid woods, sumptuous fabrics and expensive artwork—though an abstract painting of random color splotches wasn’t exactly her idea of fine artistry. But what did she know? She’d only submersed herself in this ridiculous world thirty-six hours ago; a world of people with far too much money and nothing better to do than show it off, in her opinion...WARNING: This book contains explicit sex scenes and is intended for mature audience. 18 years and older only!]]>


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