Inside You


Inside You

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Tracklist01 - Let Me Prove It To YouI know you have times where you doubt that you are sexy. I'm going to leave you a message to prove to you... to show you, apart you still set me on fire.02 - Waking Up With YouHey sexy... are you properly awake? You will be when I'm done with you... 03 - Close To Me (Multi-orgasmic)Every inch of my skin touching every inch of yours... 04 - Let Me Take Care Of YouYou look stressed baby... let me make you feel good...05 - Morning GloryGood morning my Treasure... I love when you sleep naked... All I need to do is slide the covers away and feast on your sexiness...06 - Your True Beautiful Self (Healing)Come lay down with me. Listen to the rain. We'll clear the chaos in your mind...07 - Sexy Sweet Nothings (3D)Do you like when I whisper sweet nothings in your ear? Come closer and let me tell you exactly what I'm thinking about...08 - One With MeI want to be on you, in you, all around you...I want to be be joined. One. Together...09 - Good GirlI can't get enough of you. I can't stop drilling you and pounding you. My good girl... can you keep up with me? 10 - Quiet WeekendI can't wait to get you alone but we'll have to be very quiet. The innkeeper is quite nosy!11 - Coming Home To YouI have missed you every day I've been gone. And I've been dreaming about you, your mouth, your body... I'm aching to be inside you...12 - I am Crazy About You (Gaelic)Loving words in 100% Irish Gaelic13 - Inside YouYou allow me to see you naked long before I remove your clothes... Your eyes burn with a need... not just to be touched... but to be seen...wanted...desired...and you are...]]>


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